Inspiration #1 - Mike Mitchell

Added on by Wade Burrell.

I think I'm going to start something new - Every so often I am going to post the artists, designers, developers, creatives, entrepreneurs that inspire me. First up, it's Mike Mitchell.

I've been following Mike for a few years now and have always, always found his work phenomenal. His artistic style and take on pop-culture is completely original and one that I feel many people my age relate to. And, it's completely hilarious. See below for some of his more recent work

SUPER - Source:  Mike Mitchell

SUPER - Source: Mike Mitchell

Just Like Us - Source:  Mike Mitchell

Just Like Us - Source: Mike Mitchell

I purchased my first set of Mike Mitchell prints during the season finale of Breaking Bad. I just couldn't resist. And needless to say I wasn't let down.


This was just a very small sampling of his massive portfolio. I suggest you check him out at his website and blog. You'll be inspired too.